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Your property is sure to be looking and feeling super green with our services.  We will work with you to tailor your Organic Lawn Care Program.  We use several locally sourced bio-based fertilizers that are toxin free.  Our unique products provide lawns with the trace minerals that stimulate microbial growth, which in turn provides a richer source of nutrition for your lawn. 

A healthy lawn is a lawn that is taken care of from the roots up, not one that is taken care of by dumping chemicals onto it.  We have found that lawns supported by traditional chemical based fertilizers are very dependent upon them and won't survive long without the chemicals.  Lawns are living and breathing eco-systems, and need a variety of nutrients to thrive.  Using chemicals only provides the appearance of a healthy lawn whereas our organic approach has lawns healthy from the ground up.

Every 100% Organic Lawn Care Program should include aeration and over seeding.  Aeration provides a looser layer of topsoil which allows the soil to easily absorb water and air.  We are proud to use core aerators to provide the best results directly to the root system of the grass.  While aerations are optional, we suggest you aerate at least every other year for best results.

Grass, like any other plant, will naturally die as time goes on so it is important to incorporate new grass plants into the system periodically.  We are proud use a premium blend of seed called Wisconsin Northern Blend, which was specially formulated for use in this exact area!  This is a blend of 70% Bluegrass and 30% Perennial  Rye. Having a thick turf of grass plants will make it harder for weeds to take hold, and it will also increase the durability of your lawn.  We recommend that each service be done at least annually.  Using our comprehensive organic lawn care plan will have your lawn looking and feeling super green!


Effective & Inexpensive

We use only OMRI Listed products to ensure that your lawn is safe to be on.

Environment Friendly

Valley Organics is part of the solution. Our programs are safe for you and the planet.

Pet Safe Lawn CAre

Our programs on average are in line with our chemical counterparts.