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Welcome to the valley....
Looks like Spring is finally here! It has been a long and very hard winter. One of the first things people like to do is get out and rake the yard. You may want to wait until after Easter for this, as the grass is very fragile at this time. In Wisconsin, you never want to roll a lawn or De-thatch it. Call us if you have questions!

Valley Organics was started in late 2009 to bring the people of Wisconsin a Safe alternative to the dangerous use of lawn chemicals. After nearly 20 years in the business, Troy knew there was a healthier, more sustainable way to achieve a great looking lawn.  While other organic companies have come and gone, Valley Organics has quickly become the largest organic based lawn care company in the Midwest! 

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"We've used a different organic company, but didn't see the results. We have a new daughter and didn't want to expose her to the
 dangerous treatments others have.  We tried Valley Organics and have been amazed at the awesome results!"

Scott and Dianne

Sustainable Results....
While it may take a bit more time to see the results, the programs Valley Organics use have been proven and last up to five times longer than those using chemicals. The secret is achieving a beautiful lawn is seeding. Those chemical companies cannot seed a lawn during the year, because the harsh chemicals will kill the seed. Seeding the lawn thickens it, and the thicker the lawn, the healthier, greener and weed free it will become!

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Chemical vs Organic Price...
"We have a family of six and the economy isn't actually great right now. Valley Organics was less than our last company per treatment, and there were three less applications a year. We saved over $200 last year and the lawn looks great!"

David and LeAnne
Stevens Point
The cost of our programs depend upon the square footage of the treatable property. On average, Valley Organics is about $6 more per treatment than the largest commercial chemical-based company.  This is because you need to apply much more product with organics as compared to chemical treatments. Isn't the safety of your family and pets worth an extra $6?

What about your pets?
"After my wife passed two years ago, Ben is all I have left. I met Lisa from Valley Organics in Green Bay at the Pet Expo three years ago. My lawn looks better than ever, and best of all, Ben is safe to use it!"

Len B. & Ben
Green Bay 

Chemical lawn care is simply terrible for pets. Read the story below from the latest issue of Saving Green Magazine. Dogs and cats that are exposed to a chemically treated lawn are more than two times as likely to get mouth cancer. If you have a pet, please consider this when choosing a lawn company.