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In this plan, we combine our natural fertilizers with high nitrogen producing urea. Still healthy, this plan helps previously chemically treated lawns adjust.

Our 100% Organic Plan has always been our most popular. We use only O.M.R.I listed products to feed your lawn, INCLUDING adding Nematodes to mid-season rounds....naturally!

Wisconsin's Oldest Single Family Owned Organic Lawn Service

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Chemically treating trees can damage them more than help. Our three in one fertilizer helps fertilize the plant, protect it from insects and keep it healthy!

Considered the healthiest cultural practice one can do for their lawn, core aerations bring much needed moisture and oxygen to the roots of the grass!

hybrid fertilizing


organic Fertilizing

Troy and Lisa Reissmann started Valley Organics in 2009 after learning about a link from the "traditional" chemical lawn care industry to Autism. Chemical Lawn Care is extremely dangerous, even deadly. There has always been links to cancer, lymphoma, early pet death and much more.

It was time for a change..... Since then,  Valley Organics has established one of the most effective and healthiest lawn care programs in the Midwest combining locally resourced organic fertilizers, liquid compost tea and professional cultural practices. The results you will receive take a bit more time, but will astound you!

Voted year after year, Wisconsin's favorite organic lawn care company, give us a call and find out how our truly customized healthy programs can help you!