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The harsh reality of conventional lawn maintenance (chemical base lawn care) is that the soil and plants are very unhealthy regardless of any green appearance in the turf-grass.  This grass actually becomes chemically dependent on the toxins being applied. These toxins kill off the natural biology of the soil.  We highly recommend our Hybrid Transition Plan if you are switching to organic lawn care from chemical based lawn care.   This plan was created to jump-start and accelerate the natural soil biology that promotes health.  Healthy soil = healthy microbes, healthy plants, healthy wildlife, and healthy people.

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Every new lawn starts with a series of soil tests throughout the property. We use the results of those tests to truly customize a lawn care program for you.

Valley Organics attention to detail has always set us apart from other companies. We know you, and we know your lawn. Together, we will work with you to create a healthy, thick green lawn you can actually use!!

Isn't the safety of your family, pets and future worth Valley Organics?

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Establish a customized program for each customer. Each lawn is different and our approach is to find out exactly what your lawn needs to thrive in our cooler Wisconsin climate.